The Big Brain Change Program – Shift #8: It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound

by Wendy Down on October 18, 2019

Today I’m sharing a video that adds substance to the physics-based perspective we’re working with in this program. In two weeks, I’ll share an audio-recording helping you apply today’s concept to a specific situation in your life but for now just take it in.  And if you find yourself challenged by anything in your life between now and then, think to yourself:

It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound.

(That phrase will make more sense at the end of this post.)

Below, you’ll see a video demonstrating how sound frequencies create tangible physical patterns in sand. As ‘Physics Girl’ adjusts the frequencies of the sound, the sand follows. Different sound frequencies create different shapes of the sand. Here are two examples from the video:

If physics isn’t your jam, you don’t really have to understand this physics. There’s just one point I want to make and I’ll give it to you right now.

Because physical reality is how we perceive vibrating energy ‘frequencies’, physical life works exactly like the sound and sand in the video.

Consciousness, (that’s you), generates frequencies that shape sand into form.

Your ears interpret some vibration as sound, your tongue interprets other vibrations as taste and your emotional sensors interpret specific bandwidths of vibration as emotion.

You are actually both the generator of frequencies and the perceiver of them too.

Your life is the art you create through physics!

By understanding yourself and your life in this way, it starts to become clear how important your emotions are. Especially as you learn you can consciously tune the emotions you radiate.  The In Deeper process is a great way to do this because it allows you recognize (measure) the adjustment you’ve made. It teaches you how to move the paintbrush of your life.

By learning to consciously adjust how you feel, regardless of any sand pattern you may be observing, not only do you get to feel better no matter what’s going on, but amazingly, you work with the underlying forces that shape the circumstances… the sands… too.

Let me spell this out a bit more. When it comes to sound, we understand that an A sharp sounds different from a C flat because each represents energy vibrating at different frequencies. What we don’t widely realize is that the same is true of our emotions.

Sadness feels different from embarrassment, jealously, rage or jubilation because, like sound these emotions are energy – our energy – vibrating at different frequencies.

As you watch the sand respond to the sound in the video, understand that you too are continually generating sand-like patterns which you then perceive as form.

You feel the frequencies you are generating in the moment.  While guiding you through the In Deeper process in recordings I make, I often point your attention to the semi-solid structures that exist in your body as emotions, right?

That’s because your emotions are malleable ‘objects’ just like the sand patterns in the video. They possess shape, texture, position, movement, quality, etc. The more you pay attention to the shifting sands of your emotional energy structures, the more you notice the rich detail and variety in them.

In the video, watch how naturally – organically – the sand patterns change in response to changing sound frequencies.  As you watch, picture these images being your sand-like emotional structures.

It doesn’t matter how unpleasant or long-standing a particular emotional pattern is either. Your emotional responses are sand and you are the sound shaping it.

You can learn to more consciously choose the frequencies you are generating by using the In Deeper process.  To do that, you Invite an emotional energy pattern (sand pattern) to become more present (solid) in your awareness.

Then you Decide you are willing for it to change.

You then observe with curiosity and interest as your right brain Explores and Plays with the frequencies you are generating to better match what you prefer. Your right brain always raises an unwanted frequency upward – higher – to more closely match the higher vibrating/better feeling ‘You’ you really want to be.

The you you actually already are.

And then you can perceive – Recheck – the newly-formed shape of the emotional structure. (Later we will talk about how your thoughts and everything else responds to changes in the frequencies you are generating.)

Our left brains observe and report on the shape of the sand patterns in our lives. They declare, accurately, how ‘real’ and ‘solid’ an emotion and a situation (aka sand pattern) is.

Our left brains operate in the realm of solid particles so they can only observe and describe the sand. This perception gives us the perception of living in a tangible, physical universe! Without our left brains, we wouldn’t experience things as being separate from each other.

But just like in the video below, our left-brain observation of the sand isn’t the full story. Our left brains don’t read frequencies and don’t know how to adjust the frequencies that move the sand.  The only way a left brain can conceive of changing any sand pattern is by thinking it has to move particles through physical force or action.

While you watch the video, imagine yourself (your left brain) trying to arrange the sand differently from the pattern being generated by the sound.

Imagine manually placing sand particles where you want them by moving them separately, physically.  Every time you took your hands away, what would happen?!   Right, you’d see the sand move back to respond to the more powerful force.

Can you imagine how overwhelming, exhausting and futile your attempts would be?

Doesn’t that sound, um, familiar though?

Is there a situation in your life that you don’t like the form of?

One you’ve been furiously trying to change through action without sustained results?

When you observe that situation and respond with an emotion of disdain, dislike, fear, frustration, hopelessness or any resistance, understand that that emotion is generating a specific frequency that then adds substance to – what? – the form or evidence you see.

In the video notice how quickly and easily the sands shift in unison in response to a change in sound vibration.

If you are the sound and that situation is the sand, you’ll see why approaching that situation with right brain awareness – by changing your response – would have an organic effect with much less stress and effort.

After years of struggle, I am now so thankful to understand the role and power of our underused and widely-dismissed right brains.

This aspect of us understands and manipulates the realm of frequencies and energies (adjusts the sound). As I said in Shift #5: Let Yourself Be Soothed, your right brain never fusses over any existing pattern of sand in your life because it know is it simply that way… for now. Your right brain understands how to move the sand through the medium it exists within – energy.

These ideas may be unusual, but are you starting to see the potential here?

Do you see how, with logical explanation and with practice, your right brain is actually starting to makes sense to your left brain?  More than before you began this Big Brain Change Program, perhaps?

There’s a learning curve to accessing the massive right brain influence that many people aren’t consciously using.  Yet we are all are born possessing this ability, and willingness, courage, patience and practice are all that’s required to learn to apply it better.

As you watch the video, you might imagine your body, your connections with others and everything else in your life as sand patterns. The current form these take in your life exist because of the ‘standing wave patterns’ (a word explained in the video) currently being generated in your consciousness. Your left brain is observing the current form.

Whatever you are observing, think: It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound.

You might also think, “what I’m observing is my own physics art”.

By consciously learning to alter the emotional fields you are generating about specific circumstances in your life, you start to gain mastery over the sand. It starts by mastering your emotional states and, from there, radiates out to – and as – your body and the rest of your life.

You never have to be anywhere other than where you are to know what to adjust. Your life is always responding, in real time, to the energy fields you are generating in real time. And you will be perceiving them as emotions.

It’s the Sand and I am the Sound.   My life is my physics art.

Here’s the video. Leave comments or questions below.. And I’ll see you back here on Friday, November 1 for the practical application of this to something in your life right now.

See ya in two weeks for Shift #9!

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amshell October 23, 2019 at 5:22 pm

You are such a Precious Gem, Wendy.
Thank You.