Special Recording to Turn Anxiety into Calm

by Wendy Down on March 20, 2020

I was due to release Shift #18 in the The Big Brain Change Program today. But I’ve decided instead to share a new video in which I help you walk through anxiety/worry/panic into the calm that is your true, stable nature. Even if that seems unlikely or impossible right now.

To our left brain, circumstances appear to require anxiety and fear, but that is not accurate to the way our right brain perceives them. And since we are learning here to engage with events through right brain (quantum) awareness, it turns out that it IS always possible to feel at peace and even hopeful no matter what is going on around us. This fact does not change just because we are encountering new, unfamiliar events and the immediate future looks uncertain.

Every insight we’ve been exploring about our interconnectedness is especially relevant now. We have even more reason (and probably time) to practice we’ve been learning; more reason to go inside and let our quantum nature influence the expression of what’s possible next. As we bring stillness to our own inner world, we effortlessly also radiate that stillness outward… into the fabric of life itself.

If you want to use current events and your imposed retreat to really gain mastery with this, allow me to offer an idea. Consider going right back to the beginning of the program and revisit all the shifts again, this time with the COVID-19 situation in mind. You can experiment with seeing what happens as you deliberately engage with current events through your entangled relationship with them.

Here’s the link to Shift #1: Make Space. Once you’ve read that post, you’ll see a link at the bottom of that page called NEXT POST which will take you sequentially through all 17 Shifts we’ve explored so far. As you do that, the intensity and focus you’ll bring to each one will yield benefits personally – and globally – that you can’t even imagine yet.

In the video below, I use the fundamentals of the In Deeper Process to guide you to witness the waveforms of your current emotional state dissolve back into a self-given deep, coherent calm. It may take a number of listens, each time bringing a different flavor of emotional charge, but you can approach it with the understanding that peace is available within you. Both because you want it right now and because it is your underlying nature.

When you are ready, gather up all the intensity you’re experiencing and pour it into a single-minded determination to let (not force) this to happen for you. As you keep coming back to feeling whatever feeling is present, you will discover, slowly or quickly, that you are becoming increasingly calm… even in the eye of the storm. As you do, you are making excellent use of this unprecedented time in history. You will be proud and amazed at yourself and,, in the weird and wacky way that quantum entanglement works, you’ll have added to the ability of everyone to access the same within in the unified field.

The entire human population is now profoundly attuned to how deeply connected we are. Use your growing understanding to make a difference. Because even if it seems like everyone is especially isolated and alone right now, we are never anywhere near being alone.

If you are having trouble letting an emotion within you dissipate, why not reach out and let me help you tweak what you are doing? The In Deeper Process includes the step of Play, and sometimes a really specific tweak will make it work better for a person. Let me know about your experience in the comments. Or you are welcome to email me. It’s possible I’ll even do some live work on Zoom if there’s enough interest.

And of course, you are always welcome to get my help by scheduling a private session as well.

See you again here… soon!

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Carrie McLain March 25, 2020 at 2:22 pm

Thank you for this. It is very helpful.