Audio – Erase Your Negative Thinking

We humans share a common tendency to assume that situations, left to themselves will mostly stay as they are unless we ‘do something’ to change them.

In other words, we expect that situations are LESS likely to change for the better than to expect that they WILL change for the better.

This perspective is so basic and agreed-upon an ‘inner setting’ that it seems to be one of the underpinnings that keeps reality moving at a recognizable a comfortable pace for us. And yet, the implications of shifting this expectation – even just ever-so-slightly to the positive – would have the potential to radically change our experience of life on this planet beyond anything we’ve ever known.

Follow along as Wendy guides you to access a new state – one in which you assume that if you do NOTHING, situations in your life will naturally become BETTER on their own.

Here’s what some people have said:

“Afterwards, I could feel a calmness in me.”

Download this recording (which was taped as a Consciousness Playground teleclass) to your computer or mp3 for only $14.95. You could be listening in minutes!