Audio – Experience Yourself Free of Everyone Else

Do you often feel torn in many directions, spending time and energy on everyone but yourself? What in the world would it be like for you to unplug from all of the unconscious tethers you have to others? To truly be the center of your own Universe without the constant noise that runs in the background of your life?

Listen to this recording and give yourself the experience, perhaps for the first time, of being completely unplugged energetically and mentally from everyone and everything else. (No worries – none of the connections to those you love and care for will disappear. They will, in fact, be so much clearer and feel so much better!)

You’ll get a taste of how you truly are the only inhabitant of your own universe so you can be aware of how many unconscious ties, tethers and projections you normally have operating all of the time. Afterwards, you’ll find that you can choose more consciously how you want to interact with others.

Here’s what some people said:

“It is fantastic how unperturbed I am by things now and it is priceless to watch the confusion (no, disorientation) on people’s faces when the puppet strings they clearly are used to pulling just fall limp around them. I could never make this up or even imagine that being in the moment could feel this perfect. Where have I been all my life?”

“I got just the tool I needed.”

“As I followed along with Wendy I was conscious of drawing my energy back into myself. At the end, I feel what its like to be a completely closed system. Even with my eyes open.”

Download this recording (which was taped as a Consciousness Playground teleclass) to your computer or mp3 for only $14.95. You could be listening in minutes!