Audio – Fun Under the Blankets

This recording is not about what you might think!

The topic was inspired by the photo (below) shared online by a quantum healer who works with multiple people at the same time by having the individuals lie comfortably on massage tables, covered by warm blankets.

By listening to Wendy’s guidance on this recording, you too will experience working with multiple issues or situations or people at the same time.

This recording is ideal for anyone wanting to work more nimbly and playfully in the ‘quantum field’, for example with Matrix Energetics or Quantum Entrainment. You’ll quickly discover that this exercise requires you to be ‘out of your head’ and work purely with information beyond what is known to you consciously.  As you follow along, you’ll discover information coming to you from a completely different state – love, solution, completedness.  The experience is profound and just by touching it, you will never forget it!

Here’s what people have said about this audio:

“This felt like coming home”

“What was most powerful for me was experiencing how any ‘doing’ is simply an expression of gratitude.”

“It allowed me to forever give up the fear of not only being loved, but of BEING love. I feel much more open to love .”

“This was a deepening of the experience I had when we worked on the teleclass with Kenji Kumari.”

“This is what I’ve always been missing.”

This audio will give you a new, more physical experience of being in your heart-space and how higher-level vibration is translated through your physics into physical reality. It will show you how to interact with multiple, seemingly separate issues at the same time without needing to understand or trying to control. It will have you bring your energetic work fully back into 3D reality, expecting a change, looking for it and finding it.

Download this recording, originally part of the Consciousness Playground teleclass series, now for only $14.95. You could be listening in minutes!