Audio – Want to Make More Money Last Year?

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Want to make more money… last year?

What?! Wait – last year is gone, history…or is it? What if you could slice through time and change the past to better serve your future?

On this recording Wendy takes out-of-the-box concepts from quantum physics that untangle the past from the present and leads us on a journey to shift one of the areas many of us struggle with – making money.

Listen to this short clip taken from the recording itself.  You’ll hear Wendy introduce one of the two ideas that you’ll then apply in very practical ways to your own life, just by following Wendy’s instructions on the recording.

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BTW, in the weeks after the recording was made, Wendy not only met the financial target she describes having set for 2009, but surpassed it using exactly the process she leads you through on this recording.   Why not see if you can do the same?

Download this digital recording, originally part of the Consciousness Playground teleclass series.

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