Audio – You, Completely Free of Inner Conflict.

Most of us live in a continual state of inner conflict as a normal, daily experience. This inner operating state is modeled for us everywhere by just about everyone. Most of us learned to feel it as the normal state of being human before we were born. Most people have never had a conscious adult moment of life free of it.

This conditioned state of inner conflict is like a computer program running through our emotional system all the time. It operates inside almost everyone – in the background or the foreground – all the time. It is perhaps the most pervasive morphic field defining, until now, what it has meant to be human.

On this recording, Wendy guides you to gently and deliberately bring into your experience the widespread and deeply conditioned human state of being in inner conflict. You’ll then access the state of being completely free of inner conflict – using an experimental a new access point – the conflict itself.

By following along with Wendy and those who were present with her, you’ll be invited to touch a brand new state of being – freedom from inner conflict.

Its characteristics include:

– being completely present-focussed, absorbed in the experience of the here and now rather than lost in thoughts about the past or present
– noticing any emotions or feelings as waves passing through you, which you are able to be fully present to without being overcome by or ‘collapsing’ into because they feel so intense. By choice, you can feel these waves of emotion more as sensation than as emotional experiences.
– No sense of time urgency.
– An ability to wait for impulse that tells you its time to act rather than forcing action before its time. When waiting for that impulse, you are able to enjoy the wait
– A sense of slight detachment from situations. Whatever is happening doesn’t feel so urgent. There is nothing about you or your wellbeing that is truly at stake in any negative situation. You find yourself more curious about the situation than invested in it.

How good does that sound?

Download this recording (which was taped as a Consciousness Playground teleclass) to your computer or mp3 for only $14.95. You could be listening in minutes!