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 Someone asked us recently, “Is there any limitation to the body’s ability to heal?” And we said, “None, other than the belief that you hold.” And he said, “Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?” And we said, “Because no one believes that they can.” — Abraham


In October, 2010 I travelled to Thailand to be among the first flush of English speakers to learn what was referred to as the Russian New Knowledge for Organ Regeneration – a system of scientifically investigated, mind-based methods of healing that have resulted in the regeneration of organs and tissue in the human body, as well as resolution of mental, emotional, financial, and other life issues. (Below is a photo of my husband, Dwayne, and I at a cooking class we took there.  His meal turned out much better than mine…)

Based on the research and teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov, and Svetlana Smirnova, this knowledge has led to the cessation of “incurable” diseases and the regeneration and rejuvenation of the human body.  These results are achieved through the use of consciousness alone, without physical tools, drugs, or surgery.

Upon my return, I devoted many hours to compiling the highlights of the Organ Regeneration materials into a series of audio-recordings and written materials designed to introduce this body of work to those unfamiliar with it a direct experience of what I consider the most important parts.

I shared those materials with Consciousness Playground members in November 2010.   This package includes about 3 hours of Audio-Recordings in total, plus a 10-page document containing the main exercises (or ‘Controls’ as they are called in this body of work.)

The package also includes a special Organ Regeneration audio-recording made for this series by Australian healer, Ken Graydon (pictured with me in Thailand, left.  The wise old elephants beside use remained outside our classroom throughout the seminar.)

You can gain access to all of these recordings and materials introducing you to this startling body of work today for only $49.

When you purchase this package of Consciousness Playground Audio-recordings and written materials, within an hour you will receive an email containing a link to access the materials.  (Check your spam filter if you haven’t!)

You can listen to them at your computer or download the recordings as mp3’s.

The materials in this Audio Package prompted plenty of discussion and innovation within the Consciousness Playground.    To continue that discussion with those still actively engaged in it, consider joining the Organ Regeneration Group hosted on Facebook by Ken, who has become renown for making this body of work accessible to the Western audience and mindset .

And hey, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video in which I interview Anne Graydon, Ken’s wife, who attended the Russian New Knowledge Organ Regeneration training with us. Ken.


Here’s what a few people have said about these recordings:

“Hi everyone, I’m new here from South Australia. I can hardly believe its been just over a week, I’ve had such fun and excitement playing in this playground! I was thrilled when I listened to the spinal controls recordings as that is my area of challenge. The spinal re-generation control felt like a large piece of the jig-saw puzzle for me in ‘knowing’ that I can heal this. The knowledge portrayed of how the energetics of the spinal system works felt just right and what I needed to hear. I have been pondering how I can use this info to help my Mother. She had a stroke 3 years ago and has been paralyzed down left side and some brain damage. The brain has repaired quite a lot and she has been able to wriggle her toe. She wants to walk again[she is 89]. As I don’t go and see her as often as I would like, due to my physical restrictions and length of travel, I often chat to her in my mind and connect spirit to spirit we sometimes go dancing in the cosmos together! So I decided to chat to her in my mind about this new info. On the day I started, didn’t get far, was just telling her about it and read through a bit of the first few. She was visited by her therapist that day and kicked her leg out over and over for the first time!!!” – Stephanie.

I decided to work on one of my teeth with the number codes in last week’s session & added the tooth code as well when I saw it posted. I’ve had a tooth in my upper right jaw which had turned quite grey looking & noticeably different in color to my other teeth a number of years ago. It had progressed to feeling very uncomfortable when applying any pressure or even tapping with my fingernail on the outside of the tooth. A couple of months ago a small piece of my tooth broke off, presumably at the back, as I haven’t been able to see where exactly. The end result was that I had to mostly stop chewing on that side of my mouth as any hard seed, crumb or pressure on that part of my broken tooth was very disconcerting & painful. Since applying the number codes I’ve noticed over the past few days several improvements. The discoloration in my tooth appears to be lessening (unfortunately I wasn’t easily able to take a photo due to its postion). The tooth no longer feels sensitve/ uncomfortable when I tap on it or apply pressure on the outside or underneath it. It feels “stronger” if I can put it that way. I have been cautiously eating on that side of my mouth again, including an apple, which I couldn’t do before. It still feels as if there is a piece missing from my tooth but it is better than before, it doesn’t feel as if it is going right up into the pulp of the tooth so I’m “seeing” that new layers of dentine or whatever is needed is forming there. So I’m excited to see myself manifesting a completely whole & healthy tooth!” – Sharyn

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing the organ regeneration info on your CP site. Not that I don’t love schlepping through airports and hotels and sitting through long seminars! Seriously you’ve made it so much easier for people to learn this info! I want to ecourage you to keep it up, you’re doing an awesome job! I really look forward to reading the latest post on whats happening to who after the process has started. After doing the first few controls with my wife her Dad commented that she looks really good (he never says anything about how she looks) so she was very lit up about that. She actually does look younger/different. We did skin rejuvenation as one control. She commented that I am looking a little younger as well! It’s only been a couple of weeks! So thanks again Wendy! – Steve Levine