Remote Sessions with Wendy Down and Ken Graydon

Hey, hey, hey!  Australian healer, Ken Graydon, and I, Wendy Down, are delighted to entangle our expertise, interests and energy with yours in our joint Remote Healing Sessions.

When you choose a Remote Session (link below), we focus ALL of ourselves, (and we mean on every level), into bringing a grand new potential out of YOU.  We’ll interact by email but more importantly, we’ll entangle energetically (oo-ah), to change your body/health/life in a positive and observable way.

Blending the experience, strengths, desires and intentions of all three of us creates a strong structure to support observable, desirable results.   It’s an experience of entanglement in which you’ll be equally committed and integrated partner.

A remote session with us is suitable if:

* you have a health issue you’d like relief from. Or an emotional, relationship, career or life situation you’d like to change.

* you wish to alter your face or body in a pleasing way. (Full disclosure: We’re still experimenting with this one…)

* You have a solid foundation for understanding that you are much more than your personality, mind and body.

* You have experienced the mystical in some way and know there is more to life – to you! – than meets the eye.

* You trust your intuition and your intuition is saying… Yes!

These sessions are not for you if:

* You feel it’s not possible to influence another’s health and well-being remotely.

* You feel this is not safe for you or that we do not share the authority to do this.

* If seeing results would be so huge a change in your understanding of yourself that the thought of actually achieving them scares you.

* You are in desperate straits health-wise and see this as a last resort, especially if the cost of a session would create financially difficulties for you.

Here’s the skinny on how these sessions work:

After you click the BUY NOW button below to purchase your session, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to prepare and what to expect.

You’ll be working with us remotely which means we won’t interact in person or over the phone. Rather, we’ll each contribute our part on our own time frame. You’ll receive the impact Ken and I have during a session time you select and simply let Ken and I know the timing of. So you choose a time in your time zone when you can be relaxed and undisturbed in order to receive the best possible result.

In addition to the 30-minute Remote Session itself, you’ll receive instructions, exercises and an audio-recording.  You’ll actually work with for 30 days.  At the end, we’ll contact you to check in and see what you noticed.

Sessions are $100US.

And since we’re keen… eager… to work with as many people this way as possible, while booking a session for yourself, why not grab an extra session as a gift for a friend or family member?  

We’re here spanning the globe, waiting for you to say:

Yes! I want a Remote Session (or two!) with you, Ken and Wendy!

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