Audio: Integrate Your Right and Left Brain. (Are you kidding?)

On this recording you will experiment with new possibilities presented by the experience of neuroscientist, Jill Bolte Taylor who observed her own stroke and how it revealed more fully who we really are.

By listening in, you will be guided to access the right-brain state of ‘wholeness’ and information/experiences in that state that are not available in our ‘normal ‘ human experience. It was a provocative experience for those in attendance – now you can try it out for yourself!

This is a recording of a teleclass that took place with members of the Consciousness Playground.

Related material is described in this Oct/06 Lightworker message which seems similar to what Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor experienced during her stroke.

“There is the rewiring of mankind which is beginning. The two halves of the brain that had to be separate to give you the illusion of the field of duality are starting to join together. Instead of having small, synaptic pathways that move back and forth between the halves, as you evolve as humans, the two halves will become one. The illusion and the veil actually exist between the two halves of your brain, for the left side is the marker of time. It gives you the illusion of living in a field of duality and gives you the illusion of linear time, which gives you a path to follow. It gives a spirit a game to play as a human. Your right brain is the all-creative brain but does not have any concept of time. It has no concept of boxes that things fit into. That is the other side of the brain. Those two are beginning to grow stronger with this rewiring. It is not simply a case of new or improved synaptic pathways between the two; it will be a blending of the two as the human animal evolves to contain a higher vibration of spirit…for it is not the human that is evolving. It is the spirit that is evolving, causing the human shell, the bubble of biology, to change to accommodate it. That is happening now…”

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