The Big Brain Change: Private Session Demo (Caroline)

by Wendy Down on November 29, 2019

Hello again.

In this Big Brain Change Program we are steadily honing a way of interacting with the goals and intentions you have for your life that is completely different from the norm.

We are doing this by learning to relate to life as both ‘wave’ and particle; by learning to use an innate, but largely untapped, ability we possess to adjust our relationship in the quantum field to potentials we wish to bring into being.

Given how helpful it is to actually see what this can look and sound in real time, I have a new private session demonstration to share with you. (Check out the first one I shared in this program here.)

In today’s session I work with a woman, Caroline, who’s is an experienced and gifted energy practitioner. Our focus is on changing a lifelong pattern of never having enough.

This pattern is soooooo common and may be one you can relate to personally.

Towards the end of the session, Caroline is surprised to notice something she hadn’t expected or experienced before; a change that thrills and delights her.

As you watch, listen and sense, consider putting yourself into Caroline’s shoes. You may recognize yourself in the way our conversation starts by detailing the facts of the situation. This left-brain perspective proves extremely helpful in then highlighting the related energy and emotion for her to then notice, sense and focus on from a right brain perspective. This shift in perspective is important because it allows the energy – and the related facts – to transform.

Many, many thanks to Caroline for her transparency and generosity in sharing this conversation here. If you are positively affected by witnessing it, would you consider letting her know by posting a comment below?

See you back next week for Shift #11 in this Big Brain Change Program!

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Neri November 30, 2019 at 8:25 am

Thank you Wendy and Caroline. I found that session profound and my energy shifting and anger such anger from way back when came up you were talking about not enough.
Not sure where I am with it all so I’ll listen again .
Thank you so much for such great sharing .
Ps I’m in Australia so might come and see you Caroline for yet another kind of stutter. You sound magical – Neri