The Big Brain Change: Private Session Demo (Elke)

by Wendy Down on August 30, 2019

As you move ahead in this Big Brain Change Program, you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly comfortable with the way your right brain reads situations as energy and information. You’ll also become skilled at working with life in this way! And as you’ll see, since energy is extremely malleable and responsive to our focus and intention, you possess an innate ability to alter your life in magical ways you didn’t realize were possible before.

If you missed our last Big Brain Change post, you can catch up here.

To show you what it actually looks like to influence a situation by working with it as energy and information, several members of the Big Brain Change Immersion Program volunteered to have private sessions with me recorded and made available for demonstration. I have great admiration for their openness and generosity in serving as models and teachers in this way.

Below is the first demo session you’ll see. It’s with a woman named Elke who starts the session by identifying two issues. Watch as we explore the shared energy behind them and witness Elke gracefully resolving it. At the end of the session, Elke asks me to explain how the In Deeper Process was integrated throughout the session, which I do. It’s been about 3 weeks since this session, and after viewing it, you can scroll down and see what Elke says has changed in her life since it happened!

And 3 weeks after this session, Elke shares what’s new and different now.

The first days after the Shift with Wendy, people noticed a wind of change was going through and, when I was speaking up, resisted me. I felt mostly neutral in those situations, allowing whatever showed up. My words were similar to before, but they landed/vibed differently. Some people dropped off, some returned a bit later and realized they were triggered by their own issues/pains.

Agreements got rearranged, payment fees were changed, coaching, work arrangements, housesits and other commitments got newly sorted and set up and clarified. Situations and emails solved themselves effortlessly. A visit at a government office went by easily. And even Grandpa encountered a firm but gentle push out to the fringes of my kingdom and he created an unexpected family issue trip for 11 days.

My fear ball is removed. I am honoring myself more by trusting my intuition and act on it, even when at first it feels like I might ‘lose’ something. All options and the new is there in the field, waiting to drop into its sequence to experience and practice. Awaiting more surprises on this never-ending journey….😉

Isn’t that beautiful? Can you sense the peace now present where fear and inner conflict had been before? Do you see how, without that fear informing her decisions, she both acts differently – standing up for herself – and the world responds differently to her? This is the type of integrated leap that occurs when we work with situations as part of the unified field of energy rather than as separate facts or problems. Ease, calm, insight, boldness, flow, synchronicity and magic arise naturally.

The Big Brain Change Program is designed to help you work solo with your intentions and desires this way. And should you want a private session of your own, here’s how to arrange one.

If you appreciate Elke for letting you witness her life in this way, you can let her know by leaving a comment below.

See you back here next week, Friday Sept 6, with Shift #5!

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wendy August 31, 2019 at 4:55 pm

Thankyou so much else. This was really helpful.

Caroline Connor August 30, 2019 at 10:54 pm

Elke that is amazing!!

How absolutely brilliant.

So much love for the work Wendy