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by Wendy Down on June 20, 2019

I recently listened to a podcast in which author Elizabeth Gilbert was interviewed. She explained that the books she writes, like Eat, Pray, Love, feel animated to her, as though they have intentions of their own that she helps bring to life.

She was asked, “Of all the amazing things that have happened with Eat, Pray, Love, from it’s 3-year duration on the New York Times bestseller list, to being made into a movie in which Julia Roberts, what, was the highest, most memorable, peak moment for you?”

Elizabeth quietly replied that the peak moment for her was right after she’d finished the final draft and gently closed the manuscript cover. She was alone at the time and wept as she thanked the book for everything it had given her.

What she said to the book was, “If all you want for yourself from this point onward is to sit on a shelf, unread, that’s fine . Because what you’ve already given me already is more than enough.”

Her words captured the way I feel about the material of the Big Brain Change Program I’m starting to release here for free today. The 6 months I spent capturing each of the 30 Shifts in this program in words, on audio and in video has changed me. Beyond this point, it’s all just, as they say, gravy.

Like Elizabeth, I feel the Big Brain Change materials have their own life and intentions and I have had the privilege to express them. This unusual relationship to knowledge, information and energy has been pure magic, highly un-pressured and so very joyful.

Initially this program was called, generically, The 6 Month Coaching Program because I didn’t really know what it would be about. It wasn’t until I started to write and release the 30 Shifts that I started to grasp it myself as a guided vehicle through which we could foster the evolution of our own brains. Latent capacities are lying within you right now that will let you experience life through a richer, wiser, new multi-faceted perspective. A perspective that will show you that you are so much more than you previously believed.

The 30 Shifts of the Big Brain Change will start to appear here for you to work with as and when you like. I suppose you can dabble. But to get the most from them, take time to decide and declare your reason – your intention – for following along and working with them.

What will bring you to this page time and again? What are you coming for? And what do you want to be experiencing by the end of this program that you aren’t experiencing now?

To help you get started, do the following two tasks. You have two weeks until Shift #1 – Make Space shows up here.

First task. Put into words what your reason/goal or intention is for being in this program. To help you do that, I’ve created several questions that will take you 5-10 minutes to answer.

Answer them online by clicking here.

My advice is that while it would be easy to let this slide by, don’t skip this step. Choosing and declaring your intention is what will give focus and will set things in motion.

Here is that link to those questions again: Click Here to Clarify your Intention

If you’re not comfortable using your real name on that questionnaire, you can use a pseudonym. Also, rather than letting this step stop you from taking part, just breathe deep, focus and choose an intention that is important enough to you to make doing this worthwhile.

With that done, the second task to complete before Shift #1 comes to you on July 5 is to read this post I wrote preparing you to move towards your stated intention.

It will introduce you to the In Deeper Process – the way you’ll learn to work with your own energy/emotions over the next 15 months. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to work with a situation in this way. As you continue through the program, you’ll be amazed by how much influence you have over your inner world and your life this way.

Do the tasks in the order I’ve given them here.

Oh, one more thing! Registrations are now open to also join the Big Brain Change IMMERSION Program. In addition to the free materials you’ll get here, this optional upgrade includes:

  • access to 2 video-conferences with me (recorded) each month

See you back here Friday July 5 with Shift #1 – Make Space. (Or if you join the Immersion Program, on our first video-call next Friday, June 28. Details to follow soon for members of that private group.)

And feel free to say hi in a comment below!

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Carey June 27, 2019 at 6:00 pm

I felt feelings of inadequacy, abandonment, and shame. I became aware that these started early in life and resonate through my work as a musician and as a teacher. It is also easily triggered in my closest relationships. I became aware of how this creates misunderstandings and also inhibits my actions. When I was done this guided meditation I got up and sang an “ugly” song -playing with the shame. It felt really good.

Wendy Down August 3, 2019 at 2:37 pm

Yay, Carey. Well done!

Donna June 21, 2019 at 7:17 pm

Hi Wendy, I am so excited about the Big Brain Change Immersion Program !! After participating in the 6-month coaching program, and experiencing the shifts in consciousness you facilitated, I have noticed many amazing changes within my approach to life already. I am so looking forward to diving deeper with the immersion program. My #1 take away from the version now being offered for free, is that now, I experience a constant, low-hum of peaceful existence. Where I used to have this low-hum, always playing in the background, of anxiousness, sometimes fear for no good reason, dread, and resistance, there is quiet, stillness and openness to experience things differently than before. I find it especially beneficial in these tumultuous times that surround us daily; I am aware, but I am not afraid. The absence of unhealthy fear is worth the investment. Thank you, Wendy, for being the wonderful teacher and coach that you are!

Wendy Down June 21, 2019 at 7:54 pm

thanks so much for describing your experience, Donna. Your words about the program have an impact that my own never could. Looking forward to hanging out with you for another 15 months!