The Big Reveal! Our Experiment Topic Is…

by Wendy Down on December 2, 2014

Experiment begins Jan 1Ready to learn the topic of the New Experiment we’ve been preparing you for here in the Consciousness Playground?

(If you’re new, start reading about it here)

Today we’re revealing the Experiment topic, its start date, time frame and the specific, highly desirable outcome you’ll measure.

The whole she-bang!

We appreciate the thoughtful, heartfelt and generous topic suggestions you’ve put forward.  Also, the desires you hold in your heart but haven’t put into words.

We want to play with all of them.  We do.

So when you hear the topic we’ve chosen, know these two things:

1.  This is our first team-led Experiment.  (We didn’t say it would be our last.)

2. The insights and tools we’ll teach in this Experiment will work, not only for our chosen topic but for other topics too.  So you can always use them to work on a side topic of your own choosing too.

And with that preamble, I’m happy to announce that our team of 4 Experiment leaders has unanimously chosen, as the theme of our Experiment…


Uh huh.  Money.

Dosh, finances, moolah, cashola, whatever you call it, the measurable outcome we want for our upcoming Experiment is You Having A Specific Amount Of Extra Money by the experiment’s end.

We aren’t going for a vague sense of ‘I feel more abundant now’ either. Neither are we interested in simply generating stories of pennies found in the street.  (Although pennies can add up.)

Instead we intend for you (and us!) to realize a pre-determined, specific amount of dollars in your pocket.

You might be wondering, “Why did you guys choose a financial focus for the experiment?”  

Great question.

Ken Graydon, Rodney DietertJanice Dietert and I had a back-and-forth conversation about that which we want to let you in on.

Ken, in his usual clear and reasonable way, said “Using money as a focus will give us a target that is measurable and common to people everywhere.  They will notice that it has arrived.”

Janice rounded out Ken’s point with convincing details like, Money is on everybody’s mind…even billionaires.  Those who are struggling want enough money to feel secure and happy; those who have lots may be afraid of losing what they have so they intend to amass more.  

The desire to feel secure around money, have enough to pay bills and give gifts is the sort of challenge that’s perfect for consciousness tools.  It lends itself really well to tools that move the individual away from fear of not enough into the sense of neutrality and openness to multiple possibilities. 

When a person starts using the tools we’ll share in this experiment, they’ll create new internal and external spaces where shifts, transformations and miracles can happen.

And since money is something we can all see and feel, developing a new relationship to it and its appearance in our lives is a ripe opportunity I don’t want to pass up!

And Rodney added, “In the past, every decision I made was highly-calculated.  But these days I ask myself if something ‘resonates’ or not.  I don’t need a logical/rational explanation as to why…   I ask myself if experimenting with money resonates…… and it does.”  

 (Doesn’t that just reveal the uncommon career scientist Rodney really is?)

As for me, envisioning the stories we’ll soon be sharing about unexpected dollars showing up in the lives of participants puts a big silly grin on my face.  Anticipating the fun and discover of that is all the reason I need to want to attract more money with all of you.

So money it is.

And like I said, we’re going for a specific amount.

We want an outcome that’s intriguing enough, substantial enough and just-out-of-easy-reach enough enlist your interest and inspire a feeling of excitement.

So the target we’ve identified is $3,000.

 $3,000 for each participant.

Let’s double check on the appeal of that for you.

If you receive an unexpected $3000 in your pocket at the end of this Experiment, will that be ok with you?   (let us know by leaving a comment below.)

Of course, if more money shows up, that’s fine too!

Here are the parameters.

The Experiment, now officially know as ‘The $3,000 Experiment’ will officially launch on January 1, 2015.

It will run for 90 days.  It will wrap up on April 1, 2015.

As leaders, our intention is to support you in personally realizing $3000 of additional income, by April 1, 2015.   $3000 you don’t currently see coming your way.

To do that, through the 90 days between Jan 1 and April 1, 2015, we will share:

* Insights to explain how and why focussing your mind and attention in this way can yield unexpected dollars in your pocket.

* Tools we use ourselves to support you in realizing those 3000 dollars.

* Conversation (in the comments area below each post) to answer your specific questions or coach you in using the tools.

And it’s all going to be free.

So feel free to share this news (this post) with friends and family so they too can join our experiment to yield $3000 they aren’t expecting right now.

(Think of the fun you could have spending your free money together!)

There are no barriers to participating in this $3000 Experiment.  If you are a teen living under a tarp in Mumbai and have internet access, you can participate.  If you are a senior with limited income and see no possible route for this money to come to you, no matter.  Let your decision to take part be your declaration that you are open to unseen new possibilities.  The $3000 Experiment is available to all.  No restrictions.

To receive the materials as we make them available, just sign up for the free Newsletter in the upper right corner of this page.  (Or just check back to this site regularly if you’re hesitant to share your email address.)

On Friday, Dec 6, we’ll see you back here with a story from Rodney, describing how a special consciousness tool he’ll share with you in the Experiment had a huge impact on a very important recent event in his life!

So let us know, what will it mean to you to discover… this $3000 Experiment actually works? 

(By the way, the first time you leave a comment you’ll notice it needs to be ‘approved’. That’s not because we’re screening, but simply to prevent spambots from posting rude advertising here instead.)

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