The Elusive Gift of Pain

by Wendy Down on November 10, 2016

locationHello, fellow pain experimenter!

Today’s post, #8 in our Pain Experiment, comes from our co-leader down under, Ken Graydon.  Thus you’ll notice Australia highlighted in the image, left.   In fact, if you look closely, you might even see Ken waving hello…

Ken’s post enhances all the material we’ve shared until now, so I know you’ll enjoy it. You can either read Ken’s words or, for a treat, scroll to the bottom and listen as Ken reads them to you in his soothing dulcet tones.  (Since dulcet means ‘soothing’, I’m telling you, this recording is very easy on the ears.  And Ken’s Aussie accent adds to the charm.)

Over to you, Ken!


Key GraydonAs we persevere with our shared study of eliminating, or dealing with, pain we have looked in different directions because pain can be such a pervasive presence in our life. Not only does in ‘keep on keeping on’ but it’s very sneaky too.

Many times, what we experience as a physical pain, has an emotional, or mental, source that needs to attract our attention. The pain wants to be fed by your attention and response. You just want it all to go away – so your intention is very clear and easy to put into words- it’s the action we have to take, that can be a challenge.

If you have used Wendy’s recording from our last post, you have found the shape, colour, size and intensity of your personal pain package and changed it from one form to another, ideally from present to absent. You’ve probably also got a Canadian accent [what’s that aboot?] Where we are going with this post is to help you ‘pain-proof’ your self, body, mind and emotions or to give you a rapid-response process to eliminate pain, once it has served its purpose.

People who have illnesses that cause them not to feel pain tend to have a range of injuries, cuts and burns, as their nervous system doesn’t get to tell them “Excuse me, you’ve got your hand on the barbecue!” So your pain, however it manifests, is a gift to remind you to take an action.

With the process I am unfolding here, we intend to remove the cause of the pain, no matter how deeply it is hidden, then we take out the effects and help you convert your body to a place where only a pain with a positive, temporary purpose can exist – and do all of this instantly, or as soon as you have put the intention into effect.

I am going to give you a form of words – if any of these words rattle your cage or are uncomfortable, choose other words. Don’t get caught up in a negative reaction.

Speaking the words aloud, slowly enough that you get the meanings behind the words, that you see the pictures that the words create and feel the emotions the words invoke you will change your life.

I connect with the Creator [or All That Is], the source of all healing. While I have this connection, every word I speak is a creative prayer of truth. I am now ready to accept healing for myself and for all of creation.

I go into the past, my soul knows exactly where and when, to a time before the incident which was a trigger for me to accept pain in my body. No matter how deeply embodied this pain is in my emotions, my memory or my physical body I am now able to completely release it from my body and my entire being. This is a defining and shining moment for me. I have made this decision to change my past, which changes the potential of my present moment. By removing the cause of the pain, I can now release all the effects – so I do, easily and completely.

Using the power of the present moment I now make these intentions. I am healthy and whole, I control my wellness through my beliefs, I love and appreciate my life and my body, I can become exactly what I choose – that or something better.

I am filled with joy and gratitude that my healing is already done. As I speak so it is done.

Please share your healing experiences as your good example can truly be a life-saver.
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See you back here next week when co-leader Rod Dietert steps to the fore!

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Lynda November 21, 2016 at 12:21 am

Hi Ken,
I loved this audio! I felt a sense of knowing and doneness regarding the issue I was using. I am excited to see how this unfolds. Thank you for this audio and script. I truly look forward to each post and feel Blessed to be a part of this amazing pain experiment:))