Take the Furrowed Brow Test For Results (like these..).

by Wendy Down on November 5, 2013

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Often in my private practice as a Life Coach, I meet folks with furrowed brows.

Their brows are furrowed because they’ve been efforting.  Struggling.  Trying to make something happen in life that simply isn’t happening.  By the time I see them, they’re frustrated, confused and stuck.

Our very first order-of-business, in the simplest of terms, is to unfurrow that brow.

Because a furrowed brow is a sure sign of doing things the hard way.  

Push a heavy object uphill and your brow will furrow.

Let it roll downhill and your brow will instantly relax.

An unforrowed brow tells you you’re in the flow of life, doing things the fun, easy and smart way. 

The magical way life intended.

Learning to unfurrow a furrowed brow turns the tide of struggle.  Every time.

Trouble is, the pleasurable, relaxing, effortless things that unfurrow our brows usually meet with our disapproval and, well, suspicion.

Losing ourselves in intrinsically-relaxing activities seems lazy,  unproductive and beside-the-point.  We can’t see how doing something enjoyable, effortless and fun can help solve that serious and thorny problem.

We can’t, for the life of us, see how being irresponsible will help.

But “letting go” even for a moment, puts us into a highly receptive state in which new ideas and new possibilities can simply appear.   And when they do, they mirror the easy, good-feeling, unfurrowed brow state.   Often, they feel too-good-to-be-true.

Here’s a typical example.

See the photo above?  That’s me on the left with a wonderful, style-savvy and fashion-forward mother of two, Lee.

Lee had been working hard (brow furrowed) to find a source of side income but getting nowhere.

One day, for her own enjoyment, she found some beautiful fabric, taught herself to sew and turned that fabric into a large and luscious scarf.  The entire scarf-making experience was fun, ‘selfish’ and stress-relieving. (Brow-unfurrowing).

Of course, you already know what happened next…

That first scarf quickly drew appreciative comments, then interest, and orders.  Lee’s willingness to temporarily immerse herself in a seemingly-selfish endeavour was actually, instead, the doorway to an unexpected, enjoyable source of side income.  She just didn’t know that until afterwards.

The dipsy-doodle of letting go let a surprising new path show up.  (I’m loving my new Lee-crafted scarf too, as you can see!)

Another example.

When I created this Quantum Body Sculpting program, it was purely for the fun of it.  At the time, nothing felt more wonderful and exciting (brow unfurrowing) than for me to capture in words (and on recording) my outlandish ideas about reshaping our bodies with consciousness alone.

And because I’ve learned the power of the unfurrowed brow, when I launched that program online I recommended that the best way for participants to also get noticeable results would be to participate in the spirit of curiosity, fun and playfulness as I had while making them.

As expected, that approach is paying off!

For example just the other day, a Quantum Body Sculpting participant gleefully sent me before-and-after photos which clearly show rapid and obvious improvement in the appearance of a scar he worked on. Taken two days apart, the obvious difference is impressive!

There’s no way anyone will transform tissue with their brow furrowed.  You just can’t effort hard enough to make flesh change form.

But play lightly and for the pleasure of it and there’s no telling what surprises will show up.

So today’s take-away is this:  For the next week notice how often your brow is furrowed.

This will be dead easy since you can feel the state of your brow, right there on your face.

 Is it furrowed now?  

(Is it furrowed now?)

Then, decide you’ll spend just 10 more minutes every day doing something that causes your brow to relax.  

That’s it.  Spend 10 more minutes a day on a brow-unfurrowing activity.  And let me know what specific changes occur in your quality of life within the week.  

If you like what happens, imagine what your life would be like if you learned to have an unfurrowed brow no matter what…

See you again here soon!


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Jen February 1, 2014 at 6:03 pm

Wow, I have deep lines from the furrowing I have been doing. Never thought of unfurrowing and what it could mean. Thanks!

barb November 5, 2013 at 10:54 pm

This is great stuff. Allowing the “real” us to float to the surface, guilt free, is a powerful, creative bit of savvy for living really well. Our cells, in each moment are “eavesdropping” on our thoughts and feelings. To give ourselves permission to unfurrow that brow, to feel our delight-sourced “aaaaah’s”, can only match us to the frequency of our desired transformation/manifestation. More, Wendy, more please!!