The Game of Pain

by Wendy Down on November 22, 2016

Hey ho, onward we go.  With the Pain Experiment, that is.

Today’s post, #9 in our series of 12, comes from co-leader, Rodney Dietert. If you’re not familiar with Rodney from last year’s $3000 Experiment, read about his remarkable story here.)

Over to you, Rodney.


Rodney Dietert, Pain Experiment co-leader and author of today's post.

Rodney Dietert, Pain Experiment co-leader and author of today’s post.

It is such an honor to join my fellow Consciouseers in this new experiment concerning pain on the heels of our prior team work on The $3000 Experiment. I am writing the first of my two pain blog posts sitting in a place I never dreamed I would be: on a cruise ship overlooking the Caribbean having just given a presentation on health and wellness for a ship full of Summit at Sea attendees. Three weeks ago this was not even on the horizon. It was a sudden change and a useful change that allowed me to take a different message about wellness to a completely new audience.

For this blog post I want to build and extend concept introduced by the Consciouseers. Wendy asked you to identify what pain means to you. This can be personalized and different for each of us. Ken asked if you are ready to release pain. This is so important. You may desire that it be gone but are you prepared for it to simply disappear? His new process afforded you exactly that opportunity. Janice provided you with some pain connections you may not have realized that can sometimes keep it locked in place. 

My question for you today is are you willing to release pain even if you never understand exactly how it happened? Or is understanding exactly how the pain went away a requirement? I am grateful for many blessing in life even when I don’t know how they came about. I am comfortable in that unknowing if the change is useful. So writing this blog from the sunny Caribbean instead of my cloud-covered home is a chance I fully embrace even if my head is still spinning about how it happened.

Today I will invite you to become the open, not needing to know everything, self. We will play like five years olds as we play “The Game of Pain.” Remember when you were five years old and you flowed seamlessly in and out of games often of your own making? In those games you set the rules. Importantly in the Game of Pain you will be the five year old self and also set the rules.

Try one, two, or all three of these games below over the next week-10 days and notice what happens to your body and your pain.

Game 1: Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed was a famous early American pioneer who introduced apple trees everywhere he went as he moved west across the new country. His effort blossomed into a beautiful and useful landscape for all who followed. In this game your pain is actually a bag of tree seeds and saplings from you most favorite trees. When you notice pain, as you go through that day spread the tree seeds as you go. Just drop them off there you would like to see a tree. Unburden yourself of the weight of the thousands of seeds and saplings by dispersing them into nature and presenting them as a gift you have for nature. Notice how you feel after dispersing seeds the same day and for days thereafter. If pain is still present or now pain shows up, spread more seeds. It is a gift for nature that runs through you. Through nature’s gift you can notice changes in your pain burden.

Game 2: Pain-Be-Gone

You have a revolutionary new invention: a can of pain-be-gone spray. No one knows exactly how it works but if you spray it where you notice pain in your body, the pain changes and eventually lessens. The spray canister has yet to be microsized so it is quite large and requires both your hands to position it for spraying. You can feel it weight and bulkiness of the can as you move it around your body. Spray the spots on your body where you notice pain during a couple of days and write down what changes your notice over that time. Remember it’s new, it works even if you and others don’t know how.

Game 3: Dr. Seuss

Many children know and love Dr. Seuss and this is the time to embrace Dr. Seuss as you would being a five year old. Below is a mantra in the spirit of Dr. Seuss. Offer this as a morning blessing spoken out loud for three days in a row. Yes it is silly but also fun for the five year old you. Check in with your body to see what is happening with your perceived pain. Remember you are a five year old and this is your game. Dr. Seuss is magical and so are you as the five year old self.

The Mantra 

One pain, two pains,
Red pain, blue pains,
Pain game is same
No pain, my gain.
No pain, my gain


Thank you, Rodney, for encouraging us all to simply let wonderful things – like pain relief – suddenly happen without needing to understand why.  We love that you wrote it from a unexpectedly delightful opportunity that suddenly arose in your own life. (Now back to the sun and surf for you!)

See y’all back here on Tuesday, Dec 6 for the next post in The Pain Experiment.

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nancy November 25, 2016 at 6:43 pm

I tried the spray and seeds tools and found a noticeable sensation and my back pain is down today! Thanks!

nancy November 23, 2016 at 12:58 am

Play is a great way to disconnect from the pain and great ideas as always Rod!