Quantum Basics 101: The 14 Leaps of Insight That Will Reinvent Your Life

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Over a 7-month period in 2011, Consciousness Playground founder Wendy Down prepared 14 audio-recorded lessons, with each containing a mind-blowing insight to transform you and your daily life.

Each paradigm-shattering insight led to real results and transformed listener’s understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

These profound materials provided the foundation for the quantum-type, leading edge work that the Consciousness Playground is known for… like the Quantum Body Sculpting Program and the Quantum Health series.  (Which will eventually be released as e-Courses too.)  

The 14 audio-recordings are now available as a lovingly-crafted e-Course!

Here’s what those who have experienced it say:

  • “Wow… I am speechless and catching my breath…  I am blown away!    Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.” (Y.T.)
  • “ As I listened, the pain disappeared. Immediately!!! Gone!! YEAH!”  (G.G.)
  • “Wendy,  Congratulations!  You said you would show everyone a way to remove the separation between the individual to the ALL (Creator) this month. This is a beautiful exquisite way to begin that process.   Thank you!”  (D.H.)
  • “The shift was more immediate than I ever experienced, I felt free and joyous…” (I.G.)
  • ” Thanks Wendy – what a great process and  joyful way of looking at the world. Thank you for being a lightning rod for these great cutting-edge bodies of work, and sharing them so eloquently!”  (A.C.)


You can now experience thrilling quantum leaps like these too… through the new Consciousness Playground Quantum Basics 101 e-Course!

The course cost original members $399, but its now available to you at less than half-price.  

Just $147!

The moment you sign up, you’ll receive your Get Started email right away!

  •  “for 2 days at work I’ve held the space of peaceful harmony among my coworkers and me and notice a new ease of work-flow in my work place, instead of chaos!  And this powerfulness is still seeping in – I feel a subtle sense of acceptance, and emotional detachment (instead of emotional reaction) towards everything that goes on around me.  IT FEELS SO GOOD!”  (L.D.)

How does the course work?

The entire course is delivered to your email Inbox over 7 months from the time you register.

Every 14 days, you’ll receive a new 45-60 minute Quantum Basics audio-recording, created by Wendy Down.  Each recording introduces you to a powerful life-changing concept and guides to you apply it in your life right away for in-the-moment results.

You’ll also receive a full written transcript of each recording.

In between recordings, from time to time you’ll receive short inspirational emails showing you how to apply the most recent Quantum Basics concept to your daily life for real results.  These emails are referred to as your “Quantum Basics Tip of the Day”.  Each one is designed to help you stay focussed and inspired.

Because you’ll be stretching yourself so much in this course, you’ll also have access to private communication about the materials and your experiences through a private website where Wendy and your fellow Quantum Basics 1o1 peers to interact.

Your minimum time commitment will be 2-4 hours each month.    Once you register, you’ll always have access to the materials, so even if you fall behind, now problem!  They’ll be readily accessible any time you like.

30-day, 100% Money back guarantee – no questions asked.  Try the program for 30 days and if you find its not for you,  you’ll receive a full refund.   Just by asking.


This course is for you if you:

* Understand that we, as humans have capabilities that we have not yet accessed.

* have previous experience with metaphysical ideas and consider yourself an open-minded, perhaps ‘spiritual’ person.

* Have experienced the miraculous and/or believe in miracles

* Consider yourself a ground-breaker on the cutting edge. You’re willing to explore metaphysical ideas that lie way outside the mainstream.

* Have time and space in your life to take on this exploration now

* Will complete all aspects of the program before determining its impact and results

* Are ok with the fact that the recordings are in their original, unedited form and therefore contain reference to events and points of discussion that you’ll find irrelevant now.

Don’t take this course if you:

* are highly skeptical that its possible for your life to change in any significant ways by altering your inner state, your beliefs, your understandings of the world.

* do not learn well by listening to audio-recordings or by reading.

* do not have access to email or the ability to play audio-recordings online or by downloading mp3’s to an mp3 player.

* do not have familiarity with or trust in metaphysical or spiritual concepts

* will be off-put by the occasional reference to events and conversations that occurred at the time these recordings were made which are not directly relevant now.

* if the cost of the program will create a hardship for you.

If you’re ready for a quantum leap, its yours for just $147.