This 8-year-old Never Ages: What’s the Lesson?

by Wendy Down on August 16, 2013

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In the Consciousness Playground here we’ve steadily chipped away hefty bedrock underlying old firmly-entrenched beliefs about limitations supposedly inherent in our bodies.

Limitations like ‘our bodies inevitably age and decline over time’ and ‘we have limited control over the health and appearance of our bodies’.

As we’ve discovered, our bodies are way more malleable and responsive to our inner states of being than we ever knew.

For example. Our Youthening Program, first tested in 2010, continues to generate reports from a steady stream of new members who describe specific ways their bodies and spirits have grown younger over the 6 months of the program.

To me personally, one fact about that program speaks volumes. The program offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t grow younger by the program’s end. Not one single person, not even one, has ever asked for their money back. Not one.

In other experiments reshaping our bodies with consciousness alone we’ve seen progress too. Images captured in my office, (Kristin’s scar continues to soften and shrink) others’ offices and reports in some of the Remote Sessions that Ken Graydon and I offer together. [Note from the trenches: Quantum entanglement is the coolest thing ever.]

And as I announced the other day, on October 1, 2013 I’m releasing the online Quantum Body Sculpting program to help you become familiar with the mindset and state of being in which you become a human lens to allow grace to flow through into observable changes seen in real human flesh.

Today I want to add a specific image to your mind’s eye to support your belief in the ‘impossible’ by introducing you to an 8-year-old, Gabby, (see photo above) who does not age.

Take a moment to view the short video clip here from the upcoming ABC television documentary and as you do focus on and remember this one thing. Her 8 year old skin remains, continually rejuvenates like that of a newborns’. There are other aspects of her complicated situation to let fall to the side as you sear the image – the wonder – of her newborn skin, at age 8, into your memory.

Again, click here to read the story and view the video.

For reasons no one yet understands, Gabby’s skin defies the passage of time. It’s a medical mystery we don’t need to solve in order to already gain this important lesson from it:

Human skin that is unaffected by the passage of time already exists. Gabby is clothed with it.

And because of Gabby and the wonders of quantum physics and Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields, you and I have now taken a step into accessing that possibility too.

There will be more, much more on that later! Tuesday, August 20th, in fact.

For today, take away just this one thing: You’ve now seen with your own eyes skin that does not respond to the passage of time. And if unaged skin doesn’t move you, let me point out that if it’s true for skin, it’s going to be true for other organs and body systems too. Gabby’s story doesn’t teach us how to bring this into our experience but she clearly demonstrates that this possibility exists.

God bless you, Gabby!

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