Want To Learn to Regrow and Rejuvenate Organs?

by Wendy Down on November 9, 2010

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All this month in the Consciousness Playground we are studying the New Knowledge for the New Age material coming out of Russia that is responsible for the regrowth of organs. (Check out this blog for the back-story.)

Last week I released an audio-recording introducing members to the material and guiding them through 3 key exercises.

Here’s what Consciousness Playground member, Molly from Vermont, said about her experience of listening to that recording:

“I listened to the audio-recording you released on Tuesday, and was so blown away that I could only get through half of it.

Right away, I noticed so much transformation even from what I had just heard!

I went to work, (I play the piano for the ballet), and my playing was completely different because that one statement

‘I am Spirit…’ had hit me so hard.

I will listen to the rest of the recording later…”

If you too want to listen to the recording that Molly is referring to – as well as hear the other recordings and teleclasses in which I’m sharing these Organ Regrowth processes all month, become a member!

(Posted by Founder, Wendy Down)

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Julia L Nordahl December 26, 2010 at 11:51 pm

I am interested in organ regeneration and would like to listen to the audio recording about it.