Two More $3000 Experiment Results

by Wendy Down on March 27, 2015

The plant on my Transformational Space window sill is blooming like crazy

The plant on my Transformational Space window sill has erupted into full bloom.

We’re rounding the corner towards April 1 and the close of The $3000 Experiment, aren’t we? Recently, co-leaders Rodney and Janice wrote about their results here and Ken did the same here.  Below, in today’s post I write about my own.

I love that we four Co-Leaders’ results different dramatically in form while being so suited to each of us.  For reasons I outlined in our last post, your results too will be 100% in line for you, given whatever theme you’re exploring in life.

As an example, check out this story from of one of your fellow participants, Billie.  As you read her words, notice how her results showed up, unexpectedly, as exactly what she needed most during the past 3 months.


“Dear Wendy,

I want to say thank you so much for doing this experiment. I met the $3,000 goal on March 10th.

I was surprised that I made it; I really didn’t think that I would. I’m a single Mom of two little ones, with little income right now, and to top it off about $40,000 of debt.

Last year was the roughest year of my life. I was a single Mom in school for Nursing. I had become a single Mom the year before, and lost what I thought had been my secure income. I thought that I just needed to keep pushing my way through school to get a good job to support my little ones. I didn’t notice the extent of my slowly falling apart due to too much stress and not taking care of myself. I also moved us closer to more help, without taking into consideration the impact of this. I thought I should just be able to cope with everything, without taking time to care for myself. I knew I had anxiety and depression that was getting worse, but I thought I could just keep pushing myself to get to the goal of a secure job to support my family. I completely fell apart, and I gained the wisdom that there are things in life that are much more important than a secure job which will give a secure income.
What I’m so appreciative of is the gifts that I’ve been given in the past six months as I’m picking up and mending the pieces of my life. 

I’ve been given the gift of help that normally comes with large costs, from people that really care about me doing well. They know that I’ll pay the kindness and gifts I’ve gotten forward and that is all that they’ve asked of me. This is partly how I came to gaining an extra unexpected $3000. I certainly hadn’t expected these people to help me for free!

One of my biggest blessings has been connecting with the woman who told me about your experiment. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a person who is so caring, strong, positive and grounded. I imagine this is how you, Ken, Janice and Rodney are as well!

The source that is out there (whatever it is) decided to give me such an amazing role model in such a time of need. This is what I feel so appreciative to you for as well. Not only are the stories the four of you are sharing helping, but your touches as her guiding coach are also reaching me and helping me!

I also plan to keep going with the experiment. I’m going to appreciate the unexpected gifts of extra cash for the year and see if it helps me total the yearly dollar amount I’d like to hit. More importantly, this helps me see and appreciate the amazing gifts I’m being given.
Thank you so much.

In great appreciation, Billie”  


(Thank you, Billie.)

And now for my $3000 Experiment results.  Before you read further, remember this post in which you learned to distinguish the feeling of ‘wanting’ from the feeling of ‘appreciating‘?   Right now would be a great time to take stock of whether you’re currently wanting or appreciating your $3000 Experiment results. I say that because whichever vibe you’re experiencing right now will likely be amplified by my story.   You can get the most from what follows by intentionally choosing how you feel about your experiment results before you read it.  (Follow the instructions here on how to do that, if you like.)

You might recall that the day we Co-Leaders decided to run this $3000 Experiment, I found a forlorn, little house to renovate. When I told you about that here, I also shared an audio-recording I’d made, challenging the limitations we believe exist about time.  (Specifically, the recording guides you to make more money… by altering the past.)

My derelict little reno house has revealed itself as an on-going source of $3000 Experiment results for me.  Beyond even finances, this Experiment and that house have transformed my understanding of and relationship to physical space – physical matter.  In the very hands-on work required there, I’ve learn a great deal about how directly physical matter responds to my intentions and my inner world.  Working there is like entering a dimension where reality, including physical substance, is malleable and responsive to us beyond anything we’ve known.  This is an unexpected result of The $3000 Experiment I hadn’t anticipated but appreciate more than anything else I could have imagined.

Early on, I wrote this post about some of the unexpectedly easy solutions that have shown up in response to problems there. More recently I wrote about the ridiculous ceiling magic that happened as I applied the wacky concept of parallel universes one day.

These days I can’t distinguish whether I’m working with the space there… or if its working with me.

One of the biggest impacts of this is how fun it makes everything!  For example, one morning I was feeling what it would be like to find a retro gas stove and fridge for the place at a great price. When I decided to spontaneously visit an online sales site, the first image that popped up was an ad for both of those appliances in exactly the right dimensions I needed. For $50 each.  (Bought ’em immediately.)

Another day I pictured hanging funky retro lighting fixtures there and… ditto.  Happened across a great set in short order.  $15 each and a can of spray paint = pure visual bliss.

Further, early on I’d received a quote of $6000 to fix the roof.  Last week, the next-door-neighbour, an experienced roofer, introduced himself and at the end of that hello-nice-to-meetcha conversation, he offered to replace the roof while replacing his own, for nothing more than the cost of materials and disposal.

(Um… that’s extremely generous, thank you.)   

The craziest thing so far still makes me shake my head.  I live in what you might call a blue-collar city.  Hard-working people, nothing fancy, and a downtown once considered so run-down it was  used as a movie set for a deserted town.

My little reno house is right downtown and one block away sits a large deserted building.  In its glory days I believe it was a school, but it’s been vacant and boarded up for years.   However, a couple weeks ago, I picked up the local newspaper whose front page featured a story about this empty building.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that a private educational institution from China has bought the building to create an elite private high school for international students.  You can’t imagine how incongruous this is given the current neighbourhood.  Suddenly my rundown house is sitting one block from where a reported 200 international students paying high tuition costs will be looking for housing.  I can’t yet calculate the increased value this will add to my little house, but I don’t suppose the sudden influx of students, staff, teachers and foreign money will hurt, do you?

And to close the post out, its a minor thing, but the little plant I placed on the window sill that serves as my Transformational Space has erupted into full bloom.  (See photo, above.)  It’s crazy fuchsia pink flowers make me happy.

See you back here on Wednesday, April 1 where we’ll share our stories about what we’ve learned by doing this experiment and invite you to share yours!  We’ll also tell you what to do with your Transformational Space.  See you then!

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Candace March 31, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Thank you Wendy and everyone in the group for your inspiring stories! With tomorrow being April 1st, I decided to check in and share my own experience with the Experiment.

In the beginning, the unexpected savings and gifts were fun to write about in my journal. Each day, I could see how the small amounts were quickly adding up. Recently, though, I realized there was an enormous unexpected savings right in front of my face that I had yet to see. As I heard the workmen replacing the roof, gutters and windows due to hail damage last fall on the town home next to mine, I realized my town home was next in line for the same work. The same day, I received a call from my insurance company letting me know that unlike a number of my neighbors, my supplemental homeowners coverage would pay for all the work. Value? Over $5,000 in unexpected savings to me! What a gift to discover that my homeowners insurance and related coverage was so much more than taking care of the trash pick-up, snow removal and swimming pool!

When I asked myself the question “What is my $3000 Experiment showing me about myself right now that I might not have noticed otherwise?”, the answer was this. I have an ever expanding capacity to receive all the good that there is in life.

With gratitude,

Caroline March 29, 2015 at 11:31 pm

Brilliant Wendy!!

I appreciate the encouragement 🙂

Janice March 29, 2015 at 6:54 pm

Just love this story, Wendy. Made me smile, chuckle and really warmed my heart. Did we even consider these kinds of “miracles” when we talked about doing this $3,000 Experiment? I think we kind of focused on what it would be like to bring that money into our lives and the lives of others. It’s soooo amazing all the magical perks that have jumped out to greet us along the way!

Zeta March 31, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Janice, I love your “magical perks” and “live of others”..I have
been aware of this as well..

During the time of our experiment, some things that have happened,

..the “clicky” knee I have had for decades has righted itself!

I felt urged to just start writing?? just write without thinking about it!!
One day I did just that. There were only about 6 lines, and at the end
an apparent said “whatever you want”!! and the rest of it was
a reflection of our experiment.!!

I created another cooking station on a two tiered cake is
for “a great garden with a devic slant”..a few days later , when I opened
the slider in the morning, to go out on the deck, there, at the door way,
awaiting me was a tiny pinkish stone in a near heart shape. I accepted
it with much appreciation and wonder.
Still on the garden theme..about two weeks ago we were warned that
Cyclone Pam was coming down from the Pacific Islands and would be
hitting the east coast of our North Island where I live in New Zealand.
To be brief it was going to be a big job trying to protect all my plants,
tomatoes, flowers etc. I decided to make my whole garden into a
transformational space so that not one plant would be harmed…it
was abit of a shaky statement I must admit. As predicted the weather
started changing around midnight on the Sunday….but by morning,
apart from lots of heavy rain, (and high seas at the beach) nothing
else had happened! However, the poor people of Vanuatu were much
less fortunate.

Another exciting happening..I now have “Healing, The Handbook”
…thanks Ken and “Science Sifting” …thanks Janice and Rodney.
Both books such great support personally and for our project.

“Lives of others”….

My husband got his call up and is now in 7th week post op
triple bypass and doing well!!

My inlaws decided to sell their house on line….a big decision for
them..All done and dusted within the week!!

A dear friend, been ill for years, started to feel better in the New
Year and has become well enough to contemplate getting back
to work…yes she was accepted for a partime job with most suitable
conditions, friendly boss etc. So wonderful for her and those who
love and support her.

And me?….although I have posted only a couple of times, due to being
a nervous nellie, I have otherwise been fully involved with our project,
eagerly awaiting Wendys posts and so appreciating that I am part of this
fabulous community.

Nancy April 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm

“A great garden with a devic slant”, oh I’m so all over that! Thanks for the wording idea. Years ago I did an energy process on my garden/yard to take it back to a time when it was in it’s primordial, best, most productive state. A large white tube of light appeared at my fence line. Fascinating 🙂 I’ve also gotten some interesting large blue orbs shots in my yard. Lots to play with there. I recently did Ken’s rain process. After a few days we got into a pattern of quite a bit of rain, sun, and cooler weather. Everything greened up amazingly well. It had been really dry here. More rain coming today 🙂

Renee March 29, 2015 at 4:49 am

I love your story, Wendy.

There have been lots of little blessings in my own $3000 experiment. And then in mid-February, I was at the bank and the tellers asked if I wanted 5 mini-donkeys. ???!!! Not what usually happens at a bank, but they know we have goats and apparently this was a desperate situation for another customer. We had 2 donkeys already, but I knew we could place them, so I said yes. By the next afternoon, I came home to find the 5 donkeys staring at me from inside the extra corral. A neighbor said she had been on a waiting list for a mini-donkey and they are worth $600 each. 600 x 5 = 3000. Oh! Of course!

We didn’t sell them, but placed 3 of them. My husband kept 2 of them for his sheep flock (at a different location). And they are delightful.

And then there is this long-standing water supply issue/problem/challenge. It hasn’t gone away, but suddenly eased up considerably a few weeks ago. And I know that was the other gift Universe has bestowed on me as part of this experiement. For that I am super grateful.

Thanks for all that all of you have taught in these 3 months.

Jess March 28, 2015 at 9:23 pm

I love this story. What a great reminder to not care or worry about how abundance will show up. Thank you!

Wendy Down March 28, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Thanks Nancy and Barb. So glad you’re adding your interest, skills and energy here.

Amy March 28, 2015 at 1:15 pm

What I love so much about your story is how very unexpected the things that happened were so very unexpected. Could you have ever expected a Chines company to come in a raise your property value. It reminds me that we don’t have to figure out the how. The more unexpected the events were I think it makes your story even more fun!

Wendy Down March 28, 2015 at 1:35 pm

I agree, Amy! Same with Ken and Janice and Rodney’s stories. No one in their ‘right mind’ would plan to write a book that would emit a violet light that people can see and claim heals them… but that’s exactly what’s happened for Ken.

Katherine March 28, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Hi Wendy,
I love this experiment. I haven’t totaled my numbers yet, I just track them on a slip of paper in my very small transformational space. We’ve been doing a good deal of traveling so we’re in a small Airstream where I moved some shelf clutter to make space.
Money has simply shown up here and there and I’ve chosen to count and appreciate all of it (thanks Ken, what a difference that concept makes!). I winced at the $250 received when my car died and had to be sold for scrap, but it was $250 and the reduction in the insurance cost added a couple hundred more. My brother repaid $22 that I thought was a gift, another $200 from a family repayment that was totally unexpected, a somewhat forgotten piece of equipment that wasn’t even at our place brought $500 out of the blue. I filed my taxes and actually have a refund this year for the first time in I can’t remember when. I find pennies and nickels in parking lots and wherever, the insurance company paid for my husband’s doctor visit, coverage which had been regularly denied for the last couple of years. I appreciate every penny and love sales that simply seem to appear for things on my grocery list. This is so much fun!!! I’m anxious to see what comes today!!!
Thank you all!

Wendy Down March 28, 2015 at 1:36 pm

Oh Katherine, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing your examples that model how to notice and appreciate all the money you receive, regardless of quantity. Go girl!

Lisa March 28, 2015 at 1:42 am

I am so excited to hear about the changes in your little house, Wendy! After seeing it in person “before”, and knowing what you were up against, I am so happy to hear of all you’re experiencing -especially the roofing help! (I’m sure glad I didn’t have to get up on the roof!!) It’s so wonderful to hear of the potential that has come out of something that was deemed unacceptable! Can’t wait to see it again!

Wendy Down March 28, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Thanks Lisa! Its definitely a little pearl waiting patiently to be polished up 🙂

victoria schanzle March 27, 2015 at 10:55 pm

I’ve been part of this experiment and I have to admit that I have yet to see any results! In fact, each time I think its happening something seems to happen to un do , so to speak, what ever I may have gained.
I too have a project house were finishing and everything I have tried to get done has cost more $$. My horse had a $600 unexpected vet bill, my last client I had scheduled just cancelled!! I’m using all the techniques you have posted???
I know its not over yet, so I’ll keep it up.Now our theme, I think maybe mine is animals interacting with humans, for the benefit of both .

Wendy Down March 28, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Victoria, it occurs to me to suggest taking your mind off of calculating expenses and income for awhile. In its place, spend as much time as possible experiencing everything you love about interacting with animals. There will be lots for you to enjoy and appreciate in that ‘vibe’. And when you’re deeply in it, you might ask yourself, “If I had to pay to have this as part of my life, what dollar figure is it worth?”

Nancy March 27, 2015 at 9:13 pm

Great stories!

barb Glover March 27, 2015 at 6:19 pm

AMAZING, Wendy!! So happy for you!!