Watch the Light as IT Sculpts the Flesh!

by Wendy Down on February 8, 2013

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Hi again.  On this wintry Snow Day my kids are home from school and I have a moment to share the insider scoop on what I’ve learning lately about how to reshape flesh and rejuvenate the physical body with consciousness alone.

As background, it’s been almost  3 years since I first began testing this wild notion. You probably already know I took myself into a wonderful, expanded state of consciousness back then and made 12 short audio-recordings intended to convey youthening effects in those who played the them.  These recordings became the basis of a 6-month online Youthening Program (still available to try) intended to test my theory that consciousness could reverse aging.

With much amazement and delight, many of us now know that it works!   Even today, as new folks steadily join that program, they inevitably reach the end and then describe specific ways they really have grown younger over time.  (I’ve grabbed a few recent true stories which you can see at the bottom of this post.)

Over time I’ve become comfortable and familiar with easing myself into a very expanded and open, good-feeling state of consciousness and sharing that state virtually. Working alone allows me to completely focus on the state of consciousness itself. As I focus inwardly, the only awareness I have of those who later listen to the recordings is their unlimited, open, beyond-human presence as well.

I often have no idea who plays the recordings, what their intentions are or how they experience them until much later when they report in. (IF they report in!)  Their human side… and mine… don’t show up in our interaction at all.

These days, as I’m experimenting with reshaping physical flesh right in front of me in real-time, it’s a completely different ball of wax! I encounter the person’s human physical, emotional and mental presence. I hear, see and sense in-the-moment feedback about what is – and isn’t – happening.   There’s a lot more ‘in-your-face-physical-reality’ to manage and I’m still finding my way. It’s a whole new challenge!

I’m not sure how the maestro, Joseph Pierce Farrell, focusses in the moment, but one thing that is guiding me as I learn is a beautiful bridge I’ve discovered between ‘what is’ and ‘what is becoming’. And that’s what I want to tell you about today.  This bridge softens the solidness of physical form and allows me to see – with my eyes – the consciousness that’s on it’s way to becoming physical.     

The bridge I see (and you can too!) is the light, the aura, the human biofield, that surrounds and exudes from each of us.   And as I get out of my mind and focus on the aliveness in my heart and body, I start to see the light around the physical form appear, become clearer and glow.   Watching the body’s light – the form-to-be – becomes a meditation as it dances over and within the flesh, blurring the solidness of the distinction as I let my gaze soften. I can even look deeply into shadows (like wrinkles) and observe the darkness there respond playfully as twinkling light grows brighter and clearer. If I take my time and stay relaxed, I can observe the crevice completely fill up with light!   Flesh in the making…

I know I’m visibly seeing intention assume denser substance (as light) on it’s way to becoming physical form.

I also understand that the light I see is the visible translation of the inner glow – the peace and joy – I feel as I interact with the individual.   As I see and sense both, I am interacting with grace itself as it reveals itself in bandwidths of electromagnetic energy that my subtle senses can interpret. (The person I’m working with often can too, in their own way.)

The light I see framing and glowing from the person’s physical form is the same joy that’s filling my heart, moving my hands or creating audible sounds my ears can barely hear.

As I keep my focus there I understand know that it’s the LIGHT I see, the joy I feel, that shapes the flesh!   And as I look, listen and feel in wonder, my only human responsibility is to observe that grace in action.     The light/feeling/sound/movement is the bridge between unseen and seen, actual and about-to-be actual. It’s so cool.

If this seems out of reach for you, let me say I never used to be able to see, sense or feel energy at all.   But intention coupled with practice is all we need to learn anything!

So if you want to hone your innate ability to see light sculpt flesh too, I offer a good beginning place through this audio-clip in which metaphysical teacher, Abraham, explains how to see auras. Like learning to ride a bike, though, you can’t do it by simply listening to the instructions – you actually have to try them out.

Also I’m offering a chance for you and I to play together with this by Skype next Friday, Feb 15! (I was going to post the details and link to book your session today, but I’ll do that instead in a special post next Tuesday, Feb 12.If you’re interested in connecting by Skype on Friday Feb 15, just watch this space.)

Until then, start observing for the light around yourself and others. The more you look for and find it, the more of it you’ll see and the easier it will become. And as I promised, check out these recent stories of Youthening described by members of my Youthening Program:

“…My Youthening was mostly on a physical level. I’ve been going back to the gym and taking classes with my 23 year old daughter and I’ve been able do more sit-ups and push-ups than her. I love exercising now! When I got out of bed in the morning my arches ached for the first 5 or 6 steps. That is all gone. My knees used to hurt in class from doing too many squats. That is all gone. I have more muscle tone and feel so much stronger. I feel a sense of overall enjoyment and I can’t believe I’m might even try a half marathon.”

” I jumped from a 50 to an 81 [on the pre- and post-program Youth Test] Whohoo! The big changes I noticed this time are in my hearing… which seems to have vastly improved. And my back issues have all but gone away. I also notice more subtle but still noticeable changes in my skin and my general energy levels. [Soon] I turn 65… but in the last month I had three guesses as to my age:, 42, 47,and 52, by people who had just met me. When I told them what my license says, one just said, “No way”, another thought I was lying, and third said”What’s that about?”

“…my skin is wrinkle free, my eyes are bright, and I look far, far younger than my years since doing the downloads.”

“I realized that I no longer look for signs of aging. I really feel ageless. I no longer feel old and don’t care about looking young… This is the second time I have done this program and it seemed to go deeper than the first.”

“The number one thing I noticed… is less disconnect between how I feel and how I look. I felt young [before] but I would look in the mirror and be caught off guard by the face staring back at me especially if I caught sight of myself unexpectedly such as walking through the mall. Now I feel good when I see myself in the mirror, I think the face staring back at me matches how I feel on the inside…”

“… some of my grey hair have turned brown again.”

“I wanted more than anything to “be in the zero point field” the place where I “know” things are happening and let it go. This is something I have struggled with for years. Now I easily “drop into what feels like a really cool state” at will, sometimes it just happens.”

As I reread these now, I’m shocked to remember that just 3 years ago I thought the idea of “Youthening” was the most impossible idea I could entertain.

Today, I’ve heard so many miraculous stories of how real people like these are experiencing real results that, growing younger over time is seeming as a natural an expectation as its alternative.   I love that, because we’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg.   As people spread the word and live the results, the more it will grow.    So darn exciting.

(If you haven’t tried the Youthening Program yourself yet, remember you can start any time by clicking here.    (No time like the present.  Eh?)

See you back here on Tuesday, Feb 15!

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Maureen Keefe April 8, 2013 at 1:31 am

How exciting Wendy! I just listened to the Abraham clip on seeing auras. Looking at myself in a mirror I saw a shadow behind my head. I then saw a rim of Light around the perimeter of my hair. The shadow remained behind it (from my computer screen casting a shadow). The shadow then took the shape of an Angel and floated up, then dissolved back into the rounded shadow of my head. How fun is that? Playing with it I watched the Light grow brighter and shift and move as I tried to learn how to do it. I then saw a white on white design (like looking through lace at a white wall) floating mid room, suspended in the air. As I watched it, it moved closer and closer. This has happened before. Those times I got uncomfortable and broke the contact. This time I relaxed into it (I think because of Abraham talking about there not being a Source of Evil). This design (in the shape of a lotus) then moved slowly farther back. I realized it was, in essence, training me how to keep the “blurred” focus as it moved closer and farther away. Thank you for creating the space for me to try this again and have a breakthrough of my own!

I have to tell you something funny. I’ve been working on youthening myself (through focus, affirmations & meditation) for over a year. I am also in peri-menopause. I was well on my way to the year “mile marker” hallmarking menopause. I was experiencing fabulous results with my youthening. Then I got my mense! So now my meditations include a very specific inclusion: to turn back the clock, without menstruation!

Thank you so much for creating this blog. It is truly inspiring me to engage in this expansive exploration more fully.

Magali February 26, 2013 at 11:50 pm

I totally resonate with Ken’s words…*
This is so marvelous, deeply moving and exhilarating , Wendy ***
Your insights and explorations are pure blessings….Thank you again and always, for sharing them with Us ♡… How lucky we are !… 🙂
Love & Magic ☆

Ken Graydon February 8, 2013 at 11:46 pm

What a wonderful journey you are sharing with us. The concept of moving from “what is” to “what may be” is the entire story of healing in one well written sentence. Your gift for helping us prepare to be moved to “what may be” is an absolute blessing. I am filled with gratitude and a sense of wonder as I see these gifts unfolding within you and being shared.

Love and blessings,


Wendy Down February 9, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Ken, you are always so generous in your encouragement. It’s a delight to be moving into what will be alongside you.