What If It Never Happens?! New Audio

by Wendy Down on March 27, 2018

Me with the goals/intentions I’ve received so far.


Lately I’ve been talking about the 6 month coaching group I’m preparing to launch as part of my PhD in Integrative Medicine. My posts are meant to help you decide whether joining the program is likely to help you realize a particular goal in your life.

In my last post, I invited you to tell me what intention or goal you’d be bringing to the program if you join.  I was blown away by the gorgeous, thoughtful responses I received. The photo, above, is a shot of me with those emails and comments printed off.  So your intentions have already become more tangible since they now exist in physical form in my office here 🙂

I’m more aware now how many of you want to bring new projects into the world, as a gift and service. So many want to be more authentic, more at peace, more fulfilled. And so many have earnest specific desires related to family, relationships, health and finances.  I’ve printed off off every response and highlighted the key points in it. If you replied, know I’ve heard you and am on board with you getting what you said you want:-)

The thing about changing something significant about our lives is that it requires change… in US. That sounds obvious but until we’ve actually consciously changed an aspect of ourselves, we don’t likely realize the inner forces that unconsciously keep us stuck where we are.

So today, I thought I’d share a recording that guides you to do a bit of that. On this recording, you’ll follow me through a process I’ve named the IN DEEPER process. It draws from the work of others, but have evolved in my own way.  IN DEEPER stands for:






(IN DEEPER, see?)

The process is actually easier to do than to understand but those are the 5 steps in case knowing them helps you move through them on the recording.

On to the recording now.

In my experience, there are emotional and energetic patterns (feelings) commonly at play when we want to be living a certain experience but aren’t currently. Without getting too far into the physics, when you radiate energy patterns or emotional frequencies (feel a certain way about) a subject, your life matches those frequencies. We think it’s the other way around but… nope.

When you change the patterns you are radiating, your life is free to change to match the new you.  If you question if this is valid, I suggest you to listen to the recording below, do the inner work it will help through and see how different you feel and are afterwards. Then you’ll be in a position to watch what happens. In other words, test it out for yourself.

When I was choosing an energetic/emotional pattern to work with, I thought about starting with an easy, simple one for introduction. Give you a soft start, a way to test the waters of working with your own energy that would be beginner level and gentle.

But then I though, Nah. Anyone that wants to make real life-changing progress towards their goal is going to be brave and willing to visit the uncomfortable nooks and crannies in order to shine their light in there. Because they really want to be, do or have what they want and are willing to muster up what it takes to make it happen.

So I chose a topic for this recording that introduces you to some of the more uncomfortable emotional nooks and crannies. It highlights – and helps you evaporate – the emotions that would arise in you if a goal or intention that is dear to you were to never happen. 

I want to highlight those nasty feelings, not to make you feel bad, dejected, fearful or hopeless. Rather, to reveal where you already unconsciously tied up in knots of emotions.  Working with my voice on the recording, you will become conscious of the emotional knots currently woven into your emotional structure on this topic. Then you’ll feel those knots become looser in form. And eventually, hopefully by the end of the recording, available to be used towards your goal.

As you’ll discover in the recording, emotions are actually semi-solid structures. They have shape, size, location, texture, movement and form. Being semi-solid, they are more malleable than physical structures. This is quite marvellous to realize and it becomes delightful to reshape the unpleasant ones into feelings that please us more.

From a quantum physics perspective, resonance and frequencies are the language that describes why you don’t already have that thing you want. Also from a quantum physics perspective, the frequencies of your emotional energy is easy to reshape to make, yourself, more resonant with the thing you want.

If you’re going to play the recording, listen when you have 24 minutes of uninterrupted time. Your attention will be be fully focussed inward and you won’t be as effective if part of you is focussed elsewhere at the same time.

Turn on the recording with the intent of doing the work it offers. If you aren’t intentionally engaged with the emotional structures you want to shift, you won’t actually be working with them.

And lastly, marvel and enjoy.  Your body, your consciousness, knows how to reshape emotional energy very easily. Way more easily than you do.  As you learn to trust that, you will begin to enjoy witnessing the changes as they occur within you.

Here’s the recording;  have at it!  By the way, I understand there is some background noise which I didn’t hear through my noise cancelling headset while recording or later when I did random spot checks. My apologies, there’s construction going on above my office right now.)

To play on your computer or download the mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

Here too is a TRANSCRIPT of this recording. It is meant to supplement your listening to the audio rather than replace it.

If you haven’t let me know a goal or intention you’d bring to the 6-month coaching program and want to, it’s not too late.  Go here to find out how.

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Neva April 7, 2018 at 10:52 pm


This was a very potent exercise for me. What welled up in me about “what if this never happens” was that I would just not want to live. I’d want to go on, to leave. The sadness and grief I felt was almost overwhelming.

Then, when you talked about shape, I clearly saw a very weird and uneven shape in my forehead and across part of the head and face. It had the texture of a metal plate, very hard and unyielding. At first, it seemed as if it would be impossible for anything to dissolve it. During the course of the process, it did change but did not dissolve completely. I’m not surprised that I will need to do this more than once. The pattern of survival fear that I got in touch with was very deep and old. I’m grateful to have this gentle, safe way of accessing and encouraging shift.

Thank you.

Pat April 1, 2018 at 10:58 pm

Hi, Wendy.
I just finished listening to your recording. As I went through the process, I felt the ball of emotion in my upper chest as a large, dirty, whitish lump. I agreed when you compared it to Play Dough. It changed shape, got thinner, and began dissipating out at the edges as it thinned down. I also asked for angelic assistance.
I think I will need to go through the process again, maybe more than once. It was interesting to feel it morph around as I observed. Cool!
Thank you!

Kristi March 28, 2018 at 2:56 am

Thank you Wendy!! I love this! What a great wobble going with that chunk of energy..it’s much softer..will be enjoying this process of unwinding…it feels like a little line up of energies with their hands up- Me too! Me too! So wonderful! What a blessing!

Natasha March 28, 2018 at 1:59 am

Whoa, this is a powerful process! At first, when I felt this sharp, hard shape emerge “out of nowhere” in my stomach, my reaction was “Oh great, now how will I get to sleep tonight?!” But sure enough, as my loving attention kept shining its light, things shifted; the shape softened, the color (bright red) paled, and it got much smaller. I thought it was just about gone, started to move, and then – wham – it grew again. Hmm… asked for an angel assist, sat with it some more. Finally, I decided that I will get up now, work with it more later. Thoughts? I’m assuming I just have a lot there, so this may take a while, yes?

(Technical feedback: it was challenging for me to hear the sounds of the electric saw/construction coming through in the background. It felt like it was cutting right into my solar plexus! Quieter next time?)

Wendy Down March 28, 2018 at 3:40 pm

Hi Natasha – thanks for sharing the detail of your experience. It doesn’t surprise me that this energy, in particular, would take a few runs at dissolving it completely. It’s a whopper for most of us. You can gently return to it again when you’re ready, and it will meet you in whatever form it has taken by then. Be curious to see – is it similar to the way it was before or has it changed? How will it respond and morph this time? Energy like this can be a great teacher – showing us how to gain emotional mastery as we work with it and it works with us. I’d love to know any details you care to share when you revisit it. Eventually, when it’s done sharing the gifts of education, information, etc that it has for you, it will return to the nothingness out of which it was created and you will be at peace in a very deep and restful way, unfamiliar to you now 🙂

Josee Marie March 27, 2018 at 11:08 pm

Thanks Wendy for this “experiment” recording. I did feel terror in the first place when trying to look for the hidden emotion and it was located in my solar plexus…a really tight ball of yarn.
I looked into it, and let the emotions came to the surface, I went through feeling the fears gripping me tightly around my solar plexus, to sweating, crying …to being an observer then to feel the ball of yarn unwind on its own…I then felt a deep release somewhere deep within and ended up laughing.
Yes I definitely agree that emotions are semi solid structures unlike thoughts.
I am so grateful to have gone through this process Wendy.
Many thanks to you .

Caroline March 27, 2018 at 9:07 pm

What an amazing experience.

As you will now probably know Wendy, I woke up about 4am this morning and lay there thinking about this program my goal and what was my real deeper why that I hadn’t really wanted to face out loud. So wrote you an email about it, pressed send, to see the email from you leading us to this first taste… I love how I am constantly surprised with the way synchronicities play out… think I would know by now lol.

Anyway, this recording was definitely the experience I needed to have this morning. I did find my mind wander on quite a few occasions to other similar emotional situations which was interesting, and I also seemed to chase the structures around my body. Some seemed to be distractions from the main one and some seemed that when I did one, another that was attached to it dissipated.

Definitely feel differently now, think I have more to do as it appears to be a bit of a rabbit hole – but in a very positive good way especially after experiencing the shift I have had from writing that email, to writing this comment, and now can’t wait to work on other things in my life which have long term structures attached.

Excellent Wendy – much love

Margaret March 27, 2018 at 8:09 pm

Very interesting and fascinating looking forward to the next 6 months

Wendy March 27, 2018 at 7:55 pm

That was amazing Wendy. I have a huge dark area around feeling safe and it lightened a little bit . It’s keeping me from
The photography business I want to start. It feels dangerous to put myself out there in the form of my photos.