Why Would I Want To Sculpt My Body?

by Wendy Down on September 1, 2011

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By Consciousness Playground member, Alexi Paulina

“I accept myself the way I am; I don’t need to change my looks.”

Sound familiar? The idea that self-acceptance precludes the desire for self-change is widely believed, but not necessarily accurate. In fact, the opposite may be true: Self-acceptance (at least to some degree) is a prerequisite for genuine self-change.

So, if a person accepts themselves as they are, why would they be interested in altering their appearance?

My answer would be, “For the same reason I was interested in experimenting with makeup as a young girl.” At that time in my life, I thought I looked fine. I didn’t feel there was anything I needed to cover up or camouflage, but wouldn’t it be fun and exciting to accentuate my mouth with lip gloss and my eyes with shadow and mascara? There was a joy of discovery in seeing how I could express my physical appearance in different ways.

The intent of the Body Sculpting theme in the Consciousness Playground (Body Sculpting is the term CP founder Wendy Down chose for altering our bodies using consciousness alone) is really no different from my motivation to explore different versions of my physical appearance when I was a preteen. The information and exercises Wendy offers are given in the spirit of expanding our options rather than fixing what’s broken. Perceiving that we are inadequate in our present form actually can stand in the way of allowing ourselves the freedom to play with body sculpting.

The importance – and power – of accepting ourselves as we are presently became clear to me in an experience I will share below. A simple decision on my part changed my energy profoundly, and the change was reflected back to me almost instantly.

It began when I examined the “program” I had long been running that says, “I don’t look good enough.” Instead of accepting this belief as fact (as I had been doing since my early teens), I questioned it. Was it really true? How could I know it was true? And what, pray tell, would qualify as looking “good enough”? Did it mean having the classic beauty of Grace Kelly or Natalie Portman, the sexiness of a James Bond girl, or looking like Miss Universe or a top fashion model when she’s been prepped for a photo shoot? What exactly was this standard I had deemed myself to be falling short of? If I didn’t even know what it was, how could I be so sure I wasn’t meeting it?

For an intelligent person, I chided myself, that really was a pretty dumb thing to do! It’s just that I had been doing it for so long that I didn’t question its validity.

Then, the thought crossed my mind, “What if you just decided that how you look presently is good enough? What if you simply chose to believe that was true?”

Examining the potential effects of this new choice, I could not identify any negative ones. Accepting myself as looking good enough would not lead to conceit, narcissism, or snobbery; I’m simply not wired that way. Feeling good about myself would only serve to make me feel more open and accepting of others, not to mention a lot happier.

Almost immediately after I made the choice to believe that I look fine as I am presently, I went into a grocery store I often shop in. In the produce section, a stranger stopped to tell me how beautiful I was! The man had no agenda (didn’t ask for my phone number or a date); apparently he just wanted to express appreciation. “Wow!” I thought. “This stuff works really fast.”

Interestingly, deciding I look good enough as I am now has not diminished my interest in body sculpting at all – in fact, intentionally changing my appearance seems more accessible than it did previously. When we are not motivated by perceived lack or the need to fix something, intentional manifestation becomes much easier.

I’ve been a member of the Consciousness Playground since last fall, and the themes we have explored (along with the support of Wendy and other CP members) have been invaluable in my return to self-awareness – a journey that all of us are engaged in these days. If you’d like to learn about body sculpting and try out membership in a community of consciousness creation pioneers who are exploring the most cutting-edge ideas in a practical, accessible way, click here to join.

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