Your Body IS Love (New Audio!)

by Wendy Down on May 7, 2013

Today I want to demonstrate how your body is made of – and transformed by – LOVE.

To help you absorb this truth, I’m sharing one woman’s one inspiring Remote Session experience and offering a new 10-minute audio recording that lets you experience YOUR body as love itself.

(Flesh and bone is love?  I thought you’d find this realization cool.)

As background, you may know that last month, Australian healer, Ken Graydon and I began offering joint Remote Sessions for healing and transformation. The first participants’ 30-day post-session reports are rolling in with photos, stories and results.

Natasha, for example, wanted to change her “tight, bloodshot eyes” (see top photo below) 

“My eyes”, she said, “are not the luminous orbs /channels of light that I desire them to be.”

Natasha before
Clear, 'comfortable' eyes after

Like many Remote Sessions participants, Natasha (a Consciousness Playground member for a few years now) noticed “a whole lot of shifting going on” in the days leading up to her session.

She described the Session itself this way:

“How very, very delicious it was to have you two in my field! I should back up a tad and tell you that last evening I was lovingly “directed” to Ken’s e-book Healing Intentions, which I immediately downloaded and read.  It felt like a host of angels had just dropped a golden treasure in my lap. 

I listened to the audio-recording [part of the Remote Session protocol] just before settling in.  At ten o’clock exactly (boy, you two are punctual!) I really felt you “enter” and there we were – a threesome joined in Love – with what felt like a holy intention.  I was able to just know that all that we were intending was taking place, with All Possibility at our disposal. No previous pattern was stronger than our love. I sat there “allowing” and knowing that this healing is blessing all of creation.

At some point it felt like something had been done, and I opened my eyes to see that it was only 17 minutes in…. so I happily closed my eyes again, went back in, and got the sense that the roots of this pattern goes way back… and it also goes further down in my body – in my solar plexus/liver/adrenals area. So that’s where my attention went. And you two followed me! (Or was I following you?) Definitely an energy was working there and what it found was OLD. I felt myself going way back to a very young age…. and because of my reading of Ken’s book last night, I realized, “Oh, this is where I get to choose again!” And I really felt like I did! A white light was now flooding the area, and the part of my liver area where I chronically tense – it felt like it was being spun out, and the image of a beautiful white/yellow rose was placed upon it. I sensed and almost “saw” my little girl self dancing, reclaiming a joy and ease that should have always been hers.

What a magical, holy, blessed, beautiful state. I get to choose again! This is why I’m feeling reborn! And I know this may take a little while to unravel into my physical world as I know it now, but unravel it will!…

30-days post-session, Natasha sent her ‘after’ photos (the bottom photo of the two images above) and said:

“When I listened to the Remote Session recording again 30-days after my appointment, to my surprise,  I really did feel separate from the pattern that had been there before… there was a definite detachment.

My eyes now feel much more “comfortable” and I have hardly even thought about them at all.  That is a big change! I had felt a difference internally, but wasn’t sure if it would show externally, and now, as you can see, the answer is YES!   I’m thrilled… And perhaps more importantly, I am really convinced that this can keep shifting. Hurray!”

Of course, we all wish a team of professional photographers and scientists were on hand to capture and quantify changes like the obvious whitening and softening that has occurred in Natasha’s eyes.   And the noticeable change in how much more of Natasha is ‘present’ in her ‘after’ photo as well.   (This phenomenon was apparent in the many before-and-after photos Joseph Pierce Farrell showed me of his rapid tissue work as well.)

We are entering the time in history when flesh is starting to respond directly to human consciousness when focused into higher states of Oneness.  Ken and I feel humbled and blessed to participate in such ground-breaking adventures. And we are deeply grateful to trusting pioneers like Natasha (and you perhaps?) for taking part in our Remote Sessions.  We obviously couldn’t do any of them alone.

On Friday, May 10, I’ll share another story.  This one of Ron, who after his Remote Session unexpectedly discovered new powers of ‘x-ray vision’ and healing, which he is now delighting in, exploring and putting to good use.

For YOU today though, let the 10-minute recording below guide you to experience your body as love itself.  Just imagine, you’ve been wrapped in, and as, pure love from the day you were born!


To play on your computer or download as an mp3:

To play on your mobile device:


To read the TRANSCRIPT of this recording, click right here.

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Alana May 25, 2013 at 12:10 am


Dear Wendy ,

I just heard, your recording about Being the rellationship between…, I focus on having more clients.
First, I enjoyed your earthy, belbety and spatial voice, and smile.
Then, I enter in Quantum State, and lost the sense of what you were saying.
The most amazing results arrived at the end of the meditation.
I started to dance with the music that I Tunes seemed choice, the tracks that appeared after your recording, and my body started to move with a frequency of freedom and joy.
It was an extraordinary experience, because I did´nt dance for months!
I think that in each event, in each session and recordings, it is downloading a huge field of consciousness, that includes magically all Youthening Program, because now I feel rejuvenated, and ful of life and sensing MySelf.
Given that, I prefer to savor in a different day the recording about My body like love.
I agree with that, our bodies are love, like the food that we eat, like money and All that Is.
Thank you Wendy, and blessings Ken. My cells are singing, my cats are looking at me wondering what medicine I took that returned me to the times of dance, and my Essence celebrates …

Gerri Ratigan May 19, 2013 at 11:10 am

I’m so very grateful for your work. Thank you.

nancy May 17, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Great ideas. My cat was all over me during this! She’s all love in a furry bundle too 🙂

marie harris May 8, 2013 at 7:48 am

It;s was a beautiful meditation for me. I am dealing with consequences of many years of neglecting my own body; not even being in my body. so everyday I am taking baby steps
, learning to love my flesh and bones!
Thank you Wendy. This is a great journey!

Christine Bennett May 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm

Lovely Joyful feeling reading about this, totally in the Heart Field 🙂

Jeff Witham May 7, 2013 at 6:32 pm

Hi i saw your advertisement & wanted to share with you some information. I work with a essence practione rnamed Gurudas who passed about 15 years ago , he comes to help when called for. His essences are still far more advanced than most , gems , flowers & herbs. The essences that he specifically made work the best for me. Sandstone clears & smooth out burn victims . Lemon disolves scars. I have a list of about 60 essences just for skin rejuvenation & regeneration. They make skin smooth as a baby bottom. Even woman in their late 70s have had ALL wrinkles & lines cleared & it lasts. QUITE amazing. Hope i didnt intrude , i just wanted to pass on a helpful message. Thanks Jeff

Catherine McIntyre May 9, 2013 at 4:01 am

Hi Jeff,

I have been working with powerful Australian essences, but would be greatly interested in hearing more about Garudas’s.
sorry to be using this platform to communicate !
My email address is :
Thank you and best regards,